Join the Decentralize Me Too Campaign

We at have joined forces with BitMan360 to end the misuse of our data online, and to encourage wider adoption of decentralized applications.

The mission of the Decentralize Me Too campaign (#decentralizemetoo) is to help those that use centralized services understand how their data is being misused.

Many are already aware thanks to recent stories in the news, and are deeply unhappy using these centralized services however, they don’t know where to turn for alternatives. 

The Decentralize Me Too campaign will guide the way.

We’ve teamed up with Australian ex scooter professional and crypto influencer BitMan360 to take this campaign viral.

If you wish to support the project please use the tag #decentralizemetoo when you post on social media.

If you want to join the team PM BitMan on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

You can also support the cause by throwing crypto at it here.

Join us today and together we can all take back control of our data.

Team NotADapp

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